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Emergency Drills Information

Emergency Drills (Fire, Evacuation, Severe Weather, and Lockdown)

A variety of drills to practice safe and orderly procedures in the event of an emergency are held each year. In all of these, the primary concern of any drill is the safety of the students. All adults in the building are to protect students from harm and to be responsible for the children in their care.


Fire Drill/Evacuation Drill

The purpose of a fire drill is to practice the evacuation of the school building by all personnel in as quick, quiet, and safe manner as possible. Each teacher prepares for these drills by reviewing the nearest exit to his/her room with each class at the beginning of the school year, and discussing the rules for student behavior during a fire drill.


Severe Weather Drill

In the event that there is a severe weather warning from the Weather Bureau, all schools are notified by an emergency alert radio.  If it is necessary, all classes will report quickly to the hallway away from windows and doors.  Students follow the procedures for all other drills, moving quickly, quietly, and safely to the designated space.  The announcement for this evacuation is via an announcement.


Lockdown Drill

In the event of a threat to student safety by an intruder, it may be necessary for teachers to protect their students from any interaction.  An announcement will be made over the intercom that the school is in a Lockdown situation.  Students will remain in a lockdown drill until the all-clear announcement is made.