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The goals of the North Star Cyber Academy are to:

•           Offer a non-traditional learning environment to the students of the North Star School District that is in line with the district’s mission and vision statement.

•           Provide students who desire a non-traditional learning environment with opportunities to acquire the education necessary to earn a diploma from the North Star School District.

•           Provide students who select the Cyber Academy with balanced educational experiences that include synchronous and asynchronous academic programs, personal interactions with professional educators, and opportunities to interact with peers.

•           Establish individualized learning plans for participating students that are consistent with the Pennsylvania Core Academic Standards and graduation requirements of the North Star School District.

•           Provide students with a sense of ownership and responsibility for their academics.

•           Utilize web-based learning and existing courses in addition to assignments, tests, products, and portfolios as means of assessing students’ mastery of competencies in order to advance to higher learning.