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Classroom Procedures

Classroom Procedures



Physical Education Procedures:


1. Students will enter the gym and walk to the warm up area to begin warm up.

2. Students will be given instruction on the activity of the day including rules and expectations of the activity. Teacher may also discuss information from a previous class or activity if needed.

3. The students will participate in activity.

4. Students will participate in cool down activities and reflect on the activity.


Overall Classroom Procedures:


1. Any student wanting to leave the gym must ask permission (restroom, nurse, office, etc). The teacher should keep a record of who left the gym, for what reason, and what time.

2. Teacher will keep record if a student is absent, forgets shoes, or does not meet PE requirements.

3. Students not participating in PE class due to an injury or illness stated by a doctor must have a doctor excuse that states when the student may resume PE activity. Students will not be allowed to participate until we have documentation from the doctor to resume (not a parent/guardian). Those students that cannot participate will complete other work or job duty to earn points for the day.

4. If a child has been ill or had an injury at home...parents should write a note to inform all needed faculty. Otherwise, teacher discretion.

6. Students may go outside for PE. Parents should send appropriate clothing if needed.

7. If a child has had a new piercing, parents should write a note so the teacher is aware that the student needs to keep the piercing in for several weeks. Otherwise, students should not wear jewelry for the safety of your child and others.

8. Students need to wear tennis shoes on PE days. Students will not be allowed to participate if they do not have correct shoes for their safety and the safety of their peers. Health lessons are available in binder for students to complete while they are sitting out of PE. Students will earn points for completion of work. However, they will not earn all of their points if they forgot shoes.