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Dear Family,

In reading class we are using the resource Scholastic Storyworks Jr. Each magazine has interesting nonfiction and fiction stories, vocabulary/word power activities, paired texts, plays, poems, debates, and more! We will be working through the magazine each month reading closely and discussing the literary elements. Students will also be responding to the readings in writing and multiple choice quizzes.

The great thing about this resource is that you can also access it from home to see what we are reading and working on in class. Simply follow these steps.



2. Choose "I am a student"

3. type in the password: rockbus7695


Here are some of the activities and stories we will be discussing in class over the next few weeks. They can be found in the October/November Magazine

  • Nonfiction Text-Saving the Dolphins, pages 4-9. Students will learn how a group of people rescues two dolphins. As they read, they will identify problems and solutions related to saving endangered dolphins and build vocabulary.
  • Paired Text-Talen’s Got Talent, pages 10-13. Students will learn how Talen developed strategies that help him cope with his stuttering. They will synthesize his story with a sidebar about how to talk to someone who stutters. After completing the reading, students will work on a kindness writing in Mrs. Timulak’s room.
  • Fiction-The Ghost of Specter Elementary, pages 14-19. Students will understand how a character changes by the end of this creative tale about being a student who’s tired of being the new girl in school.
  • Play-The Fight for What’s Right, pages 20-25. Students will read a play that tells the real-life story of a Mexican-American family who fought to end segregation in California schools. As they read, students will idenitify the big idea about fighting for civil rights.
  • Debate “Should Sweets Be Banned From School Parties” Students will read the article form their own opinion and support it with details from the text.

Think about One Word, Three Ways on page 31.  This fun feature is a great way to get your child thinking about vocabulary! Students will learn three different meanings for the word “point.”


I hope you enjoy reading StoryworksJr. as a family! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me!


 Mrs. Kaltenbaugh

[email protected]