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Learning at Home Resources


Reading (and other) Resources:


Amplify Reading - - This is a NEW website that we are demoing at the Elementary School. Students have not had the ability to use it yet, as we just got our demo offer before closing. However, if you’re looking for more activities to do at home, this website offers engaging and interactive reading activities geared to your child’s needs. If you’re interested in trying this at home, please email your child's Reading teacher for your child’s login.


ReadWorks - This website has engaging texts for students to practice reading skills at home, and it’s FREE! Texts can be filtered by grade level, content, skills, etc. Some texts have options for the story to be read aloud, as well as printed. There are also options to print comprehension assessments and vocabulary work, as well as keys to make for easy checking at home.


Scholastic Resources - - This website is providing FREE resources for students learning remotely or virtually at home during this time period. There are designated texts for each day, as well as activities and other websites that relate to the texts. This is an AWESOME resource. I have the link pasted here that will take you directly to the 1-2 grade page. – This website is full of books and activities for students who are learning from home. Students can listen to various texts, watch videos, play games, etc. The login is:

Username: nstar

Password: reads


MyStoryBook Online - www.mystorybook.comThis website allows your child to bring out his/her creative side! It is a free website that allows your child to create his/her very own storybook! There are options for your child to add illustrations of their own or characters and settings within the website. There is even an option to save your child's storybook so that it can be accessed in the future!


Explore - -Just for fun! This website is an entertaining website for students to take a field trip without ever leaving their chairs! There are live webcams from all over the world where students can watch live feeds of animals, nature, and so much more!